National Health Research Policy(2017)

  1. To establish national health research information system for avoiding duplication and redundancy, and for promoting effective dissemination and appropriate utilization of research findings
  2. To develop national health research agenda
  3. To promote ethical conduct of health research through strong and standardized Ethics Review Committees in academic institutions and health research institutions with extensive networking
  4. To promote inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration and networking in health research through application of various mechanisms given due consideration on economic, social and environmental issues
  5. To strengthen linkages with international and local non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations in health research
  6. To establish a well-functioning system of "Responsible Conduct of Research" in health research and academic institutions
  7. To inculcate a good research culture through creation of favorable research environment and promoting research in acadernic institutions
  8. To conduct quality and cost effective health systems research, translational research, implementation research, and biomedical research on issues and challenges encountered in implementing health care delivery system activities including universal health coverage in the country
  9. To ensure timeliness of conducting research on urgent and contemporary health issues of importance
  10. To utilize evidence-based research findings as appropriate in comprehensive rural development plans including underprivileged, underserved and marginalized people living in remote/ hard-to-reach areas
  11. To promote quality assured traditional medicine research through application of state-ofthe-art technology
  12. To collaborate with private sector under the principle of public private partnership and foster their participation in the health research system as equal partners
  13. To conduct national health research management forums and national health research congress, and to create platforms for improving the domain of health research
  14. To enhance ways and means including mechanisms for resource mobilization, sharing and research funding in carrying out essential national health research related to promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care for priority nationaI health problems